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Uniting Church Studies is a fully-refereed, multidisciplinary journal focused on a specific subject—the Uniting Church in Australia. The journal aims to promote scholarly reflection and understanding. It does so by means of a dialogue: between the academic and the practitioner; between church and society in Australia, and between the Uniting Church in Australia and other Uniting and United Churches throughout the World.

Uniting Church Studies is published twice yearly (June, December) by United Theological College.

Uniting Church Studies is indexed in the Australasian Religion Index; Religion Index One. Periodicals, the Index to Book Reviews in Religion, Religion Indexes: RIO/RIT/IBRR 1975- on CD-ROM, and the ATLA Religion Database on CD-ROM, published by the American Theological Library Association, 250 S. Wacker Dr., 16th Flr., Chicago, IL 60606, Email: atla@atla.com Web: www.atla.com



Uniting Church Studies

United Theological College
16 Masons Drive, North Parramatta, NSW, Australia, 2151.

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